Thematic tracks

Thematic tracks

Main themePsychology: creating the future together

People interested in humanities, psychologists, doctors, educators, and professionals from many other disciplines, can draw a complex and superior picture of the World if they come together and share their knowledge and views. Thus, our intention is to make ECP2019 a platform for productive dialog, information exchange and various contributions to create a better future together.

Thematic tracks of the congress are:

psychologysciencessciences Scientific program by sciences

Cognitive psychology

Psychological profession and ethics

Methodological issues in psychology and history of psychology




Economic psychology

Psychology of law

Psychological testing and assessment

Tourism and hospitality psychology

Industrial/Organizational psychology


Motivation and emotion

psychologydigital futuredigital future Scientific program by digital future

Digital psychology

Traffic psychology

psychologyeducationeducation Scientific program by education

Child and youth psychology

Educational and school psychology

Language psychology and linguistics

Personality psychology

Developmental psychology

Clinical psychology

Counselling psychology

Health and medical psychology

Psychotherapy issues

Sport psychology

psychologysecuritysecurity Scientific program by security

Criminal and delinquent psychology

Crisis, emergency and disaster psychology

Military and police psychology

Community psychology

Cross-cultural psychology

Environmental psychology

Family psychology

Human rights and humanitarian issues

Political psychology

Promotion and prevention issues

Psychology of religion

Sexual orientation and gender identity

Social psychology

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Kindly note, it is a draft. The final book of Abstracts will be released in September 2019.