Participants and Organisers

Participants and Organisers

Conny Herbert Antoni

Conny Herbert Antoni, PhD. He is a Professor of Work and Organizational Psychology at the University of Trier (since 1997) and President of the Germany Psychological Society (since 2016; vice-president 2014-2016). His current research interests include reward management, psychological contracts, leadership, teamwork, stress and work-life balance, and the consequences of the digitalization of work. 

In his applied work he helps management to design and change work and reward systems.


Valentin Bucik

Valentin Bucik is a Professor of Psychological Methodology at the University of Ljubljana, Slovenia, and is Head of Department of Psychology. 

His main research areas are psychological methodology, psychological testing, test construction and adaptation, and various areas of differential psychology,as well as methodological problems of standardized knowledge assessment and examination in schools, tracking the standards of quality in school and educational system evaluation. 

Lately he is focused on different models explaining giftedness and is particularly interested in the relationship between giftedness and creativity and in the impact that creativity (especially creativity in arts) has on the development, education and academic efficacy in children and youth.


Neringa Grigutytė

Neringa Grigutytė is an Associate Professor at the Department of Clinical Psychology at Vilnius University, Lithuania She is a clinical psychologist and psychotherapist, combining academic work with private practice. 

She is interested in clinical psychology and psychological assessment, trauma psychology, well-being and child abuse, working in the field for 17 years.

María Paz García-Vera

María Paz García-Vera, PhD in Clinical Psychology, Full Professor, Tenured Associate Professor at the Department of Personality, Assessment, and Clinical Psychology of the Complutense University of Madrid and Director of the “Comadante Sánchez Gey” Complutense Extraordinary Chair of Psychology Applied in Emergencies and Disasters sponsored by the Spanish Emergency Military Unit. 

Her research is focused on the treatment of a variety of mental disorders and physical health problems, especially, in the treatment of tobacco addiction, essential hypertension, and psychopathological consequences of disasters and terrorist attacks.


Eleni Karayianni

Dr Eleni Karayianni - PsyD in Clinical Psychology, Licensed Clinical Psychologist. She works as Clinical Training Coordinator for the Doctoral Program in Clinical Psychology at the Department of Psychology, University of Cyprus, acting Director of the University of Cyprus Mental Health Center. At national level, she is a member of and represents the Cyprus Psychologists’ Association as its President (2015 – present). 

Her clinical experience covers a range of age groups and psychological difficulties, while her activities in the community cover the areas of prevention and early intervention in various contexts (e.g., schools, workplace issues, etc).


Francisco Miranda Rodrigues

Francisco Miranda Rodrigues, former CEO of the Portuguese Psychologists Association, is the actual president of this association until 2020. Francisco Miranda Rodrigues is a Psychologist, consultant in organizational development, leadership, personal effectiveness and teams, specialist in gamification, has more than 10 years of experience in human resources and is Postgraduate in psychotherapy and educational counseling.

Christoph Steinebach

Christoph Steinebach, professor at the Zurich University of Applied Sciences, dean of the School of Applied Psychology, director of the Institute of Applied Psychology, Zurich (Switzerland). Vice-president of the European Federation of Psychologists’ Associations (EFPA).

Prof. Seinebach is a developmental psychologist. His research interests relate to resilience, youth development, health promotion in youth, and counseling. Recent research projects include mindfulness and peer support in youth, health promotion in youth, and team development.

Michael Smith

Dr Michael Smith, PhD in Psychobiology. He is currently Associate Professor in the Stress Research Group and Programme Leader of the MRes Psychology programme at the Department of Psychology at Northumbria University, United Kingdom. Michael's current research programmes relate to the investigation of i) psychological functioning in Type 2 diabetes, ii) psychosocial predictors of sexual health, and iii) the interplay between personality, stress and physical health. Michael is actively involved in the activities of the British Psychological Society (BPS). 

He is currently Chair of the BPS Standing Conference Committee (2017-2020), a member of the BPS Research Board and a member of the BPS Psychobiology Section Committee.


Masao Yokota

Masao Yokota, M.D. & Ph.D. is a professor of Department of Psychology, College of Humanities and Sciences, Nihon University. He graduated from Department of Cinema, College of Art, Nihon University and completed a postgraduate course of Psychology of Nihon University. He was the ex-chair for Japan Society for Animation Studies and is now the president of the Japanese Psychological Association. Now he gives a lecture on clinical psychology, psychological test, psychology of animation and cinema. He has written papers on cognitive disorder of schizophrenic patients, drawing test, and psychology of animation and has published books on the same theme.

Yury Zinchenko

Yury Zinchenko Doctor of Psychology, Professor. He is a Dean of Faculty of Psychology at Lomonosov Moscow State University, president of Russian Psychological Society, Vice-President of Russian Academy of Education, Chief Medical Psychologist at Russian Ministry of Health. 

His filed of scientific interests include: Clinical Psychology and Methodology of Psychology.