Panel discussion

Panel discussion

Panel discussions consist of 3 to 5 speakers selected for some shared interest or expertise in an area. Panelists respond to one or more questions or issues, with time allotted (90 minutes) for interaction among the speakers and with the audience.

A chairperson who serves as the session’s moderator organizes a panel discussion. In service of being more data aware, we encourage you to include research and data pertinent to your presentation (if applicable) with your proposal.

Submission deadline
15 December 2018
The criteria for review are

All submissions will be considered on the basis of the interest of the individual submission and will be ranked according to the following criteria:

  • Relevance to the Congress theme;
  • Interest of the discussion to proposed audience;
  • Benefits to psychology/professional development/humanity;
  • Discussants profile and level of expertise.

All presenters and discussants are required to register and pay to attend the Congress. The acceptance of a submission does not imply funding of registration, travel arrangements, accommodation or other costs by the Congress Organizers.

Below are some guidelines related to the required formatting and content of panel discussion abstract. Carefully prepared abstracts facilitate the review process, as it is easier to judge the quality of presentations that are thoroughly and concisely described.

  1. The title should be brief (a maximum of 125 characters including spaces);
  2. Topic areas: panel discussion may be held within one or a few divisions of psychology/human science.
  3. Objectives: specify the expected outcome, beneficial to psychology/ professional development/humanity.
  4. Target audience: specify who is the intended audience attending the discussion, their level of expertise, fields of professional interest.
  5. Components: describe the format of the discussion, e.g. each discussant presents his/her point (initial remarks), and then Panel Chair starts Q&A session with the following questions.
  6. Abstract (not more than 500 words):
    • Background of the topic
    • Raised issues, current controversy or questions to be answered
    • Viewpoints presented during the discussion
    • Desired outcome of the session
  7. Panel Chair: full name, affiliation, email address. Ideally the person skilled in arranging group discussions of the kind.
  8. Panelists: full names, affiliations, email addresses. Their CV’s should be attached
  9. Requirements: specify audio-visual needs, sitting arrangements, and other information for organizers to better prepare the room for the Panel.
  10. Commercial support information and disclosure