ECP2019 participants and accompanying persons will be able to apply to humanitarian visas (it is faster and cheaper, also includes the possibility to apply in any country); the aim of the visit is “scientific and technical relations”, the period of your stay in Russia from 28 June till 14 July 2019.

Steps for visa application:

  1. Make sure you’ve paid your ECP 2019 registration fee.
  2. Send the following details to ECP2019 registration number; and the information that is reflected in your passport: full name, citizenship, date of birth, passport number, issue date, expiry date. The theme of the email is “Humanitarian visa”. The invitation letter will be issued within seven working days.

Please note!

  1. Apply for your visa at the earliest convenience to avoid possible delays.
  2. You will need both English and Russian invitation letters to attach to other application documents.
  3. Check the full list of documents required for this visa type at the Russian Embassy/Consulate or officially authorized agencies in your country before you apply.
  4. Apply only through Embassy/Consulate or officially authorized agencies at any country in the world, avoid using services from unauthorized organizations and third parties.
  5. Check working days for the consulate you are planning to visit, e.g. all Russian Consulates will be closed from 1th till 5th of May and from 9 till 12 of May, 12 June, due to Russian State holidays.
  6. In case of any concerns immediately contact either Julia Egorova or