Telmo Mourinho Baptista

Telmo Mourinho Baptista

Professor, President of European Federation of Psychologists’ Associations.



Say “Present” in every field: the future of psychology and psychology organizations.

Psychology is a prolific field of science and practice that can be of benefit for persons, organizations, communities and governments. The accumulated knowledge offers opportunities to develop more psychologically informed policies that take into consideration the discoveries of our field.

As specialists on human behaviour and change, we should be involved in the efforts to transform the world, from the individual to the global levels. Although we face difficult challenges, we can contribute to the most ambitious program of development: the Sustainable Development Goals.  

Psychology should be present in every field as it has generated knowledge and solutions in many different areas.

Several issues need to be urgently addressed by psychology due to their consequences for the future of life and living. Climate change and artificial intelligence are two examples of the dialogues that need urgent participation of psychologists.

Psychology organizations advocate at national, regional and world levels.   They should strive for making psychology more heard at different levels and use the new forms of influence to bring psychological knowledge to better the lives of people.