Francisco Pons

Francisco Pons

Ph.D. in Psychology, (University of Geneva). Professor of Developmental Psychology at the University of Oslo.


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Impact of Attachment on Information Seeking across Cultures

There are at least two ways to seek information about the World:

  • (i) the Piagetian / Rousseau direct way through first-hand experiences / observations
  • (ii) the Vygotskyan / Leontiev indirect/mediated way through third-person testimony.

Every typical individual can use both. However, some will prefer one way, whereas others will prefer the other way when both are equally valid. Can attachment styles (secure, avoidant, ambivalent) explain these individual differences and is this explanation the same in cultures with different values about how people relate to each other?”

Short Bio

One of his main research interests covers the evaluation and teaching of the emotional competence in typical and non-typical children and adolescents from Western and Non-Western cultures