Aldert Vrij

Aldert Vrij

Doctor of Psychology, Professor of applied social psychology in the department of psychology at the University of Portsmouth.

United Kingdom


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Cognitive Credibility Assessment: A theoretical and empirical overview of an approach to catch liars by outsmarting them.

This keynote provides an overview of a new, cognitive approach to (non-)verbal lie detection. This approach consists of three techniques: 

  • (1) imposing cognitive load, 
  • (2) encouraging interviewees to say more, and 
  • (3) asking unexpected questions. 

The theoretical rationales behind the three techniques will be discussed together with the available empirical evidence. 

Short Bio

His main research interest is deception, resulting in more than 500 publications, which have been widely cited (> 17,000 citations and H-index 66). He works closely with practitioners (police, security services and insurers) in terms of conducting research and disseminating its findings. He is the contact person of the European consortium of Psychological Research on Deception Detection (EPRODD) In 2016 he received the International Investigative Interviewing Research Group (iiiRG) Lifetime Achievement Award in recognition of his significant contribution to investigative interviewing.