Russia will host the European psychological Congress

Russia will host the European psychological Congress

December 6, 2016      5073

The agreement about holding the event in Moscow in 2019 was signed up.

The Russian Psychological Society (RPO) and the European Federation of Psychologists' Associations have signed the important agreement in Berlin. The arrangement was about holding one fo the most significant conferences in the international psychological area — The XVI European Congress of Psychology in 2019 —  in Moscow.

Russia was chosen to be a host country during the meeting of the Presidental Council and the Executive Committee of the European Federation of Psychologists' Associations, which took part in Istanbul in May. It is expected that more than 5 thousand experts-psychologists from Europe, USA, China, Japan, Canada, South Africa and Australia will visit the Congress. Russia competed with Spain and Portugal for the privilege to be the host country for the XVI European Congress of Psychology.

"Having the Congress in Moscow is a landmark, as far as it strengthens the global status of the Russian social sciences and improves the prestige of Russian psychologists, both theoretics and practicians,— the Vice-President of the RPO Alexander Veraksa said. — This Congress will allow Russia to declare itself both in scientific and practical psychology". He noted that "to be a host country for the Psychological Congress is a responsible task and a honorable mission." As a rule, the European Psychological Congress brings together representatives from more than 70 countries of all continents with the total number of visitors of more than 3500. 

In May, the President of the RPO Yuriy Zinchenko indicated that they expect the arrival of more than 5 thousand leading professional psychologists not only from Europe, but also from the USA, China, Japan, Canada, South Africa, Australia and other countries. He noticed that "this decision (to choose Russia as a host country for the Congress - ed.) makes us fell especially proud, considering the fact that this year is 120th anniversary of Lev Vygotsky - one of the world's distinguished psychological scientists." The Congress will take place in the Moscow State University, where in 1885 The Russian Psychological Society was founded.



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